How to Mod a Nerf IX-1 Reflex!!

Introduction: How to Mod a Nerf IX-1 Reflex!!

In this instructable I'll show you guys how to mod a nerf IX-1 reflex. This is my first instructable, so be nice.

Here's is a picture from the finished nerf gun:

Step 1: Get the Materials

For this mod, you'll need:

- your nerf IX-1 reflex
- tape
- scissors
- screwdriver
- knife
- 2 buzz bee foam darts
- some bb's
- a hamer or drill

optional: A piece of pvc to make the barrel longer

This mod will cost you about €10,-.

Step 2: Why Nerf?

Nerf is easy to mod, and the guns are very cheap. But if you want a real bb gun fight, i don't prefer a modded nerf gun.

Step 3: Unscrew the Gun

Now it's time to enscrew it. Take your screwdriver and unscrew all the screws and lay down all the parts.

Step 4: Now the Real Modding

Now, remove the pump. Hammer with your screwdriver in the hole (see picture), or use a drill. Then, take a piece of tape and tape it over the hole. Now it's airtight.

Next, clean the barrel inside. You need to get the little pieces out of the barrel (see picture).

You can also replace the spring to improve speed.
Put your gun back in place.

Step 5: Make the Bb Barrel

Take the 2 buzz bee darts and cut them about 1 inch from the top (see picture), and tape them together with a piece of tape.

Step 6: Put Your Bb Foam Barrel in Place

Put your bb barrel in place. Make sure you put it in as far as possible.

Step 7: You're Ready!!

Cock the gun and place a bb in the barrel. Then pull the trigger and the bb will fly really far (if you did it right). But don't shoot in your eye or something. It will hurt, so don't shoot at anyone (except your little brother or sister :-) ). Have fun!

Step 8: Optional: Make a Longer Barrel

Take a piece of pvc pipe and cut it the right size you want. Place it over the foam bb barrel and tape it with some tape (I prefer ducttape).

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    Nice instrucltable! found loads like this and put it together and became like this one XD. Me modding mine is COMPLETELY FREE. my reflex was a bday prezzie, the pvc i changed with a pen stem i found in school, i broke the air restrictor by melting it and the bb's i got some from my friend and found some in church floors (yes, its funny cuz church is supposed to peace and all but this old lady sells and airsoft on the front. LOL). again, nice instructable


    10 years ago on Step 4

    its velocity not speed not trying to be all "ITS VELOCITY NOOB" on ya


    10 years ago on Step 3

    hey i did this a while ago with mine and it shoots better