How to Mount a Flat Screen, Plasma, LED, or LCD Without Putting Holes in Your Wall Using a Stripper Pole

Introduction: How to Mount a Flat Screen, Plasma, LED, or LCD Without Putting Holes in Your Wall Using a Stripper Pole

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Here is the completed build of my Peekaboo Pole Dancing Plasma Mount. Combining two of man's favorite things, huge TV's and Strippers. Over all this turned out really great, and does almost exactly what I wanted, with the possible exception that I don't get to set the height to just any level, because the pole is too smooth. Nothing a screw hole won't fix, but I was trying to not ruin the pole. This is an easy and affordable alternative to expensive TV mounts with more options for placement.

To do this Instructable you will need the following:


Plasma Mount

The TV(You can use a different TV)

Step 1: Put the Pole Up

First put the stripper pole together. Which I have another video/instructable for. It's pretty easy.

Step 2: Attach the Mount to the Pole

So attached to the pole is the tv mount which allows for adjustable placement of the tv. The mount is rated for more than the tv weighs and the pole is rated for up to 250 lbs.So everything was within the weight limits. I used poplar wood to extend the mount to fit my tv. This tv mount is supposed to be for concrete walls but I've modified it with U-Bolts so that it will attach to the pole.

There are seams on the pole so that limits how far high or low you can move the tv.

Step 3: Lift the TV in to Place

You likely want to use a friend. TVs are heavy. Lift the TV in to place.

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    5 years ago

    If you want to be able to adjust the tv, you could try this: use (2) small pieces of 2x4 sandwiched together and cut out to fit the pole with just enough room on either side for a carriage bolt and lawn mower type T-nut. Line the cutout area with a pc of inner tube to grip the pole. Loosen the t-nuts and you can slide the thing up and down the pole, and the seams won't matter. The rubber will keep it from sliding once you tighten the two nuts, and its easy to screw the TV bracket to one half of the 2x4 clamp :)