Introduction: How to Mount a Tire Changer Without Bolting to the Floor

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I had a cheap, manual tire changer from Harbor Freight.  It works alright, but only when securely mounted and bolted down.  The problem is two fold...

1-It needs to be mounting in the middle of the floor, so it will always be in the way when not in use.
2-I have radiant floor heat, so I can't just drill holes in my concrete floor.

Enter my solution.  It involves mounting the tire changer to a 3" steel C channel and hinging it to my welding table.  At over 3 tons, my welding table isn't going to move anywhere.

So here are the photos.  (I didn't take any along the way when I was making it.)  (Sorry the photos are grainy, I did a quick rebatch to make them ready for the web and it didn't come out too well.)

The first two photos show it in the "in use" position.  The third photo shows it with the one arm folding in, and the last photo is it folded against the table.

Please feel free to email me with any questions or comments you have on it.