How to Move Your Cursor Without a Mouse (WinXP)

Introduction: How to Move Your Cursor Without a Mouse (WinXP)

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Hello, Hello, Hello,
Its me again; Elkom
Today i will teach you how to move your mouse pointer without your mouse.
This will be and it is easy!

Lets get started:

Step 1: Options

First go to Control Panel,(Picture A)
then Accessibility Options, (Picture B)
then click on the tab "Mouse" (picture C)

Step 2: Continiuing Options

When your in there you should see something like this (Picture A),
You need to check the box that says "Use MouseKeys" (picture B)
It should be something like this (picture C)
But we are not done yet...

Step 3: Not Done?

Once you did the last step, go to the button next to the box you just checked and click it (picture A)
You should see a options menu, check the boxes that are marked with the arrows (Picture B)
When you finish you should have all options like this Picture C
Now click the "OK" button (picture D)
next step

Step 4: Just 2 More Steps to Go

Everything done (Picture A) ?
Click the "Aply" button, and then the "Ok" button (Picture B)
last step

Step 5: On or Off?

To see if it is off (picture A)
to see if it is on (picture B)

To turn on just click the "Num Lock" button on your keyboard!
Short cut to turn the function off:
Alt+shift+Num Lock

How to control:
moving buttons
press 8 to move the mouse up
press 6 to move the mouse right
press 4 to move the mouse left
press 2 to move the mouse down
press 7 to go in the upper left corner
press 9 to go to the upper right corner
press 1 to go to the lower left corner
press 3 to go to the lower right corner
press ctrl+ one of the moving buttons to go faster

function control buttons
double press 5 to open files and folders
Press + to instantly open files and folders
press 0 to selsct and hold files and folders you can then move them wit the moving butons
press the (picture C) button to open right click menu and navigate in it with the numpad or the arrows
And thats it!
If i missed something ill update this!
Leave a comment,
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