Introduction: How to Open a Garmin Nuvi 3xx or 6xx. (power Button Fix Instructions Too!)

This Instructable is on how to open a Garmin nuvi GPS. We used a 650, but it is very similar for any series 3xx or 6xx. This should be helpful to anyone that wants to do anything inside a Garmin nuvi GPS device, such as fixing a broken power button.

Do not forget to remove your SD card if you have one.

Keep yourself grounded.

- Torx T-5 screwdriver OR a small flat head screwdriver(what we used, because we don't have a Torx).
-Thin knife

I am not liable for any damages you cause to your device, this is only a guide. You should have at least moderate technical skills to attempt this.

Step 1: The Antenna.

The first step to successfully opening your Garmin nuvi GPS is removing the antenna, because there are screws under it that hold the case together.

First, you should unscrew the two screws at the top of the antenna. Then, turn the back plate of the antenna CLOCKWISE, very very carefully. You do not want to rip any of the wires because they are quite thin. Once you have the back plate turned, find the holes in the bottom area of the antenna. Put your screwdriver in the left-most hole and once you find the notch, pull right and carefully tilt the antenna. Remove the black pivot and spring. Gently pull out the entire antenna from the main case. Once it its slightly pulled out, both of the antenna plates should fall off the GPS antenna itself.

Use the pictures, they will help a lot.

Step 2: Cracking the Case.

First, you unscrew the bolts under the antenna. Once these long screws have been removed, the case is free to open. It is held in place by some plastic fasteners, like most electronics. Use a thin knife to pry open the case. The sides, on the left and right, have all of the fasteners, so open those. Open the case, pivoting on the bottom, I cannot stress how important it is, because the bottom has the connections to the screen from the motherboard. Again, use the pictures. That's it. You've successfully opened a Garmin nuvi GPS.

Step 3: Power Button Fix.

Power buttons on the Garmin nuvi usually fail because of the way they are constructed. The button itself is merely soldered to the motherboard, and there is nothing holding you back from pushing too hard, and snapping the connection. In most cases, you can resolder and put a piece of plastic that will reside between the SD card slot and the power button. You will need about 1mm thick plastic. We got ours from the top of a yogurt cup. Wedge the stopper in and put the nuvi back together.

Step 4: Re-assembly

Re-assembling the nuvi is really easy, if you just took it apart. Just put everything back into place gently, snap the case closed, put in the screws, put the antenna back, and put the screws back. You have successfully fixed your garmin nuvi.

Step 5: Custom Boot Screens

Custom boot screens are easy if you have a mini usb to usb cable. Just select the photo or image you want to use and drag it onto the nuvi, in the /Garmin directory. Later, you just need to turn on the gps, go to picture viewer, select your picture and select set as start screen.