Introduction: How to (not) Open a Relay

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So, I was desoldering relays and one didn't work. I wondered what the problem was. I went on google to see if there was a post or something about how to open a relay and all I got was stuff about opening mail relays which was not what I wanted. So here I am showing the world how to do it because I just figured it out.

Step 1: Materials

You will need:
1 - Dead (or live) relay
1 - Pliers
5 to 10 - minutes of time
1 - screw driver

Step 2: Starting It Off

Get the screwdriver (preferably the one with the cross tip) and hit it down so that you make a hole in the relay.

Step 3: Open It

Now get the pliers, preferably needle nose, and start peeling off the plastic with the pliers.

Step 4: All Done

It should be finished and you should be able to see the inside. Maybe if you fix it, and add a clear layer to what you removed, then you could see the inside as it switches. 5 mins later...     I finished opening it and I accidentally broke some connections on the coil so now it is pretty much useless. But, if you are careful, then you could open it without doing damage to the insides.