Introduction: How to Operate a Gas Pump at Smith's Fuel Center

If you have patience and are willing to learn, then be prepared to become an expert on gas pumping in less than two minutes. Gas stations are on every corner in the average American city and gas pumps are technology used every day. It is not uncommon for people to never have used a gas pump. States such as New Jersey and Oregon have attendants pump the gas for you.  But in Utah and in many other states across the country, gas pumps are operated by the customer. It is important to know how to operate a gas pump as they becoming more and more a part of our technological lives. This set of instructions will use the gas pump model found at Smith’s Fuel Centers.

NOTE: Gas is a ​Highly Flammable substance and it is harmful or fatal if swallowed. Long term exposure to the vapors has also caused cancer in laboratory animals, so keep the nozzle away from your face. Keep your eyes and skin away from the nozzle while fueling. There is No Smoking Allowed near a gas pump, and make sure to stop your engine while fueling. To prevent an electrical hazard, touch the top of the gas pump before touching the nozzle to discharge any static buildup, and use approved containers on the ground only.  

Step 1: Getting Everything You'll Need

To follow these instructions and to use a Smith's Fuel Center pump properly, you'll need just a few things. 
1) A Gas Powered Vehicle or a gas can
2) A Smith's gas pump
3) A form of payment (cash, debit, or credit)
4) A Smith's Rewards Card or Phone number linked to a Rewards card. 

Step 2: Parking Properly

Park properly at the pump by making sure your vehicle is not too far from the gas nozzle. It is also very important that your vehicle is parked with the side that has the gas cap facing the gas nozzle.

To find your gas cap, look on your vehicle or at the gas gauge, which has an arrow indicating what side your gas cap is on. To uncover the gas cap, press the lever in your vehicle to open the flap covering the cap. Once the cap is uncovered, twist the gas cap to the left to uncover the gas tank opening. Now you are ready to start purchasing gas and filling your vehicle. 

If you wish to prepay for your fuel please skip to Step Six​.

Step 3: Using Your Smith's Rewards Card

Use your Smith’s Rewards by holding the card under the Red OK sign and scanning the bar code on the back of your card.

If you do not have your card with you, you can still use your rewards by selecting “yes” on the pinpad, and entering your 10-digit phone number, with the area code first, then push the yellow “enter” button. (If you do not have a rewards membership, select “no” at the pinpad when first starting).

Step 4: Selecting Your Method of Payment

Select your method of payment on the pin pad. You can select “outside debit”, “outside credit/gift card” or “pay at window”.

The “pay at window” option allows you to pump gas once authorized by the station clerk, and then pay the clerk at the fuel station kiosk. Most use this method to pay with cash or check, otherwise they will prepay with cash or check. If you choose to prepay, then please skip to Step Six.

Otherwise select the “outside debit” and “outside credit/gift card”. After selecting this, insert your card gently with the strip side on top and facing left. Then remove your card, follow the prompt at the pin pad and go to the next step.

Step 5: Selecting Your Reward

Select your reward at the pin pad. Your reward or amount of cents off per gallon, will be displayed. There will also be three options, each assigned a number, and each slightly different in how they use your rewards. These options will only come up if you've entered your rewards information and if you have enough points to qualify for a discount.

A.The first option, “use full amount” will use all your reward, and set your points back to zero.

B.The second option, “choose amount” will allow you to select in increments of 10, how much of your reward you would like to use.

C.The third option, “no amount” will not apply any reward to your fuel order.

After this step, you are just halfway through. Let’s keep going!

Step 6: Preparing to Fuel

1) Make sure that your gas cap is open, your vehicle is off and your cigarettes are extinguished.

2) Discharge any static electricity you may have built up by touching your car.This is very important, as a static charge could ignite the fumes given by the gasoline. More information on this can be found here

3) Lift The nozzle gently out of the gas pump

Step 7: Selecting Your Grade

Select your grade by pressing the yellow buttons on the lower half of the pump. If your car requires diesel then choose the green diesel button.

Keep in mind that there are three different grades of fuel for normal gasoline; unleaded, mid grade and premium. The only differences in these three grades are the price and the octane level. Engines that demand higher performance will need higher grades of gasoline, because they are designed to use the higher octane efficiently. More Info about this can be found at this site

Step 8: Fueling

You are finally ready to fuel your car. Do this by inserting the nozzle into the opening uncovered by the gas cap and then pressing up and holding the handle on the fuel dispenser. As long as the handle is held, fuel will pump. When the handle is let go of, then the pumping will stop. 

To fill your vehicle, press the trigger up and push it into the notch below it on the handle. The fuel dispenser will shut off automatically when your tank is full. In the mean time you can clean your car with a squeegee from the bins near the trashcans located at the end of each pump. 

If the fuel dispenser stops pumping, even when the trigger is held by the notch, try retracting the nozzle from the opening by a little bit. Keep retracting until you are able to get the pump to automatically fuel for you. 

Step 9: Finishing Up

Once you are done fueling, remove the nozzle from your vehicle or container and hang up the fuel dispenser in the nozzle bay located on the pump. 

The pump will ask if you would like a receipt, answer with either a "yes" or "no".

Before you leave  entirely, make sure your gas cap is back on, sealing your gas tank. Most gas caps will require you to turn the cap to the right several times, a clicking noise is usually made, indicating that it is sealed. Other gas caps require a key to seal the tank. Not having your gas tank sealed properly can cause your "check engine" light to come on. 

Make sure you don't leave anything!

Step 10: Becoming an Expert

Now, wipe the sweat from your forehead. That wasn't easy, but thanks to your excellent step following skills, you pulled it off! 

Congratulations! You have completed your first fill up at Smith's Fuel Center. If you stick to these steps and remember them for the next time, you will become an expert. Then you can show your friends and those who have never filled up before how great you are at using a Smith's gas pump. 

Thank you for using this guide, I have confidence that you have learned everything you need to know in order to operate a Smith's gas pump. If you have any questions feel free to ask the attendant at the window. Have fun fueling!