How to 'organise' Steam's Screenshot Folder

Introduction: How to 'organise' Steam's Screenshot Folder

Ever get tired of having to look up a game or app's ID just to find a few screenshots? Well this Instructable will help you alleviate that exhaustion.

Step 1: Navigate to Your Screenshot Folder

Navigate to your Steam folder, by default it is C:\Program Files\Steam\userdata\Insert User Number\760\remote

Pick a folder that you wish to organise, for this instructable I chose Borderlands. Best way to check is to look at the screenshots themselves, or look up the ID by going to google and searching Borderlands Steam. A Steam url should follow from one of the first links eg

Step 2: Find an Image

Find an image you deem fits and put it into the folder. I use google images to quickly find an image (using the game name and then pc box eg Borderlands PC box, cover sometimes works well too) and drag it into the folder as shown.

Step 3: Rename the Picture

Rename the picture to folder.jpg (or just folder if you don't have file extensions unhidden.) and then you're all done! After doing this to all the folders the thumbnail of this instructable is what you end up with. Enjoy your newly organised screenshot folder!

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