Introduction: How to Organize Kitchen Cupboard Storage

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In order to be more efficient in storing, locating and using kitchen staples, I decided to organize the cupboard storage as shown in this instructable. It made sense to me to be able to utilize the entire cupboard space without having to unload many cans or bottles to find what I wanted. By making storage boxes to the exact size needed, I need only pull out the box(s) to find what is lurking behind the front items. It is especially helpful on the deep top shelf where stuff can disapper, not to re-appear until you remodel or move!

Step 1: Clear Out Shelf, and Sort by Size

This step allows you to see what you have, and how to organize it roughly by size of container.

Step 2: Gather Materials, and Make Boxes.

I use regular corrugated cardboard, the kind found in grocery boxes. (Free materials). And for tools, I use box cutters, rulers, straight edges, a scoring tool, clamps and glue. A sample box needs a blank of 15 1/4 inch by 71/4 inch. I make the sides 2 inches high, and since the rulers are this wide, it is easy to mark and score my lines. When folded up, you want the box to be slightly wider than the widest article that it will contain. So be sure to check before gluing up. Also, make sure the box will fit on the shelf and the door will close! If not, trim your blank accordingly.

Step 3: Make All Boxes Now

I made my boxes one at a time, but you can cut all blanks, then start gluing. It takes a lot of clamps, though, so be aware. Glue needs to dry 5-10 minutes, maybe a little more before removing clamps. Depends on humidity, I think, but you will learn by doing.

Step 4: Mission Accomplished!

This is what the shelf looks like at completion. Makes sense to me!