How to Organizing a Loom Band Set

Introduction: How to Organizing a Loom Band Set

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Hi guys, today I am going to organize a loom band set.

Step 1:

First of all take a cardboard box or plastic box.

Step 2:

Now take your loom bands, mini loom, S-clip or C-clip, rainbow loom, hooks, etc.

Step 3:

Now put your rainbow loom in the box.If you have removal rainbow loom,so put one down and second in up.

Step 4:

Put hooks and mini looms in the small compartment.

Step 5:

Take a s-clips or c-clips in the small container.

Step 6:

Put earing hooks and ring in the container.

Step 7:

Now take all beads in the container.And put it into compartment.

Step 8:

Now take loom bands and put it on the compartment.

Step 9:

Now take a plastic box and put your charms, rings, bracelets in the box.

Step 10: COmPlEtEd

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    Simran Sharma
    Simran Sharma

    Reply 7 years ago

    oh wow nice.