How to Origami a ROCKET




Introduction: How to Origami a ROCKET

I wonder when it will be our time to ride?

Step 1: White Side Up

White side up, fold in half diagonally both ways and unfold.

Step 2: Fold Top and Bottom Points

Fold top and bottom points to the center.

Bring right corner to the center and pinch along edge to make small crease mark.

Matching circle points, fold left corner to touch crease mark.

Fold upper layer corner back to the left to make white triangle.

Step 3: Fold Top and Bottom Folded Edges

Fold top and bottom folded edges to meet at the center.

Step 4: Fold Inner Corners Out

Fold inner corners out white squash folding paper evenly.

Step 5: Fold Upper Raw Edge

Fold upper raw edge to the folded edge.

Mountain fold top half down behind.

Step 6: Lift Corner

Lift corner and swivel swivel paper up.

Inside-revers fold corner down.

Step 7: ​Inside-reverse Fold

Inside-reverse fold top corner down into model.

Inside-reverse fold bottom corner in. Repeat behind.

Valley fold lower flap up as shown. Repeat behind.

Step 8: Lower Folded Flaps

Lower folded flaps into position. Repeat behind.

Step 9: Open Up

Open up from the bottom.

Insert top inner layer into bottom pocket.

Step 10: ​Draw Windows

Draw windows.

Step 11: Fix With Double Sided Tape

Fix with double sided tape the nose of the rocket.

Step 12: Model Complete!!

Model becomes 3D.

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    Da builder
    Da builder

    7 years ago

    Awesome rockets.try working on the background.