Introduction: How to Origami an X-Wing Starfighter

Hi there!
Ever wanted your own starfighter to destroy a giant paper Deathstar? You're in luck!

Step 1: The Base

Make a base by starting with a square piece of paper.
Fold diagonally on each side, then turn the paper over.
Fold in half twice, then turn over again and pull corners together. It should form a diamond shape. If yours is a triangle, you forgot to turn it over!

Step 2: Make a Diamond

Lift one fold so that it is pointing upwards, then open and flatten it. Turn the left side of the diamond to the right side and repeat with the next flap.  Turn it over and repeat with the other two.

Step 3: The Hard Part

Find a side where the edge of the paper goes across the point like the end of step one, the open side should point downwards. Fold each side into the middle, then unfold. Lift the edge that runs across to the top, allowing the sides to fold inwards. This should make an elongated diamond shape. If the sides do not meet in the middle, the side corners of your new diamond shape are not at the points you made earlier. If you still can't get it, try folding the top point of the paper down to make a crease in the middle. It will be easier to fold the elongated diamond shape. Repeat on the other 4 sides.

Step 4: The Cockpit

A nice easy step. Fold the top of the diamond down on 3 sides.

Step 5: Erm... Step 5!

You should see four legs at the bottom. Fold each leg halfway, allowing it to turn inside out do that it looks like a mountain from the side. It is easier when you are starting to fold it to the top by pulling it gently sideways and up, then pulling it down. Flatten it. This is similar to making the tail and neck to a paper crane.

Step 6: Shaping It

This step gives the starfighter a more slim (aerodynamic) shape. Fold one leg to the side so that it flattens out at the bottom. Fold one of the top sides so that the bottom follows the crease from the leg and the top isn't quite at the point. Repeat on other sides.

Step 7: The Cockpit and Lasers.

Find the side that looks different from the others, this is the cockpit. Pull it up and fold it in so that it is three dimensional like the pictures.

To make the lasers, point the starfighter towards you and on each of the legs, flatten the tip and bring it towards you. Flatten it down and you should have a nice 90-degree angle.

Step 8: Kudos!

You now have your very own X-Wing starfighter (I hope)
These do not fly, but are very cool. You could make a bunch and hang them from your ceiling if you really wanted. These aren't my own design, but I hope you had fun making them! Please ask if there is a step you don't fully understand.