Introduction: How to Over-ride a Shutdown Virus

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You may have read my last instructable, on how to make a shutdown virus, but this
instructable will show you how to OVER-RIDE that shutdown virus =]


Step 1: Making or Activating the Over-Ride

To make a over-ride shortcut (that sits on your desktop until it is needed) follow these steps.

If you want to make it look cool (because all your friends are around and you want to look like a hacker), go to step 3.

-Go to your desktop.

-right click.

-select "New".

-select "Shortcut".

A box should come up as shown below.

Step 2: Writing the Over-Ride Code

In the text box (shown), type:

shutdown -a

Now click "Next".
Name it Shutdown Over-Rider.

Now click Finish!
Now you have your Shutdown Over-Rider!!!

To Make it look cool (You dont have to):

Right-Click the shortcut and click "Properties".
Now click "Change Icon" and choose your icon.

Personally I like the yellow Key symbol   =]

Congratulations! =]
Please look at my other instructables =]

Step 3: CMD.exe

So, you've chosen to impress your friends or family.
This Works best if you do it fast, so it looks like you know what your doing.
Rather than having a piece of paper telling you everything you have to do.

Right click your desktop and click "New" then "Shortcut".

In the box (shown below) type cmd.exe and click "Next" and "Ok".
Double click the new shortcut provided and a black box should come up (also shown below).

In the black box type shutdown -a and press enter.

This automatically Over-Rides the shutdown.
Congratulations! You over-rided a shutdown =]

Please look at my other instructables =]