Introduction: How to Pack a Pack.

Before going backpacking it is important to know how to properly pack your backpack. Backpacking is an amazing experience but can be very difficult. To get the most out of your backpacking experience make sure, before starting your trek, that you back pack is properly packed. By following these easy steps you can have an awesome time backpacking enjoying the view while relieve the stress on your back. The first thing to do is stet out all the stuff, that you will be taking on the trip, out in front of you to see. Make sure that everything is in visible sight.

Step 1: The Pack

Set your pack out and make sure that nothing is in it. Make sure that it is completely empty. Put the pack in a place where you can easily put things into it.

Step 2: The Sleeping Bag

Place the sleeping bag at the bottom of the bag. It is something that you do not need to reach for every five minute and it will be comfort on your back while hiking.

Step 3: Clothes

After pack your sleeping bag fit your clothes in anywhere possible. Do not fold your clothes, it is easier to pack them away if you can just place them anywhere. Plus who need nice clothes while backpacking.

Step 4: Stay Fresh

Next pack away all your soups, shampoos, and deodorants. Be careful because sometimes while hiking bottles may open and spill in you bag. To prevent this from happening but any liquids in a plastic bag.

Step 5: Shoes

Place shoes on the top so that they are easy to access if necessary, While on a hike you may need to change shoes for some reason and it helps if they are easier to find.

Step 6: Food.

This is one of the most important part of the trip, food. Pack food away so that it is easy to reach in any situation. You never know when you're gonna get hungry. Also be aware that the constant movement of you pack may cause food like sandwiches to get smashed so try and pack them carefully.

Step 7: The Goods.

Supplies like a flashlight, cell phone, and toilet paper are all small things but very important. In case of any emergency this items should be placed away from any thing else so they are easy to grab.

Step 8: H2O

Last and possible the most important is water. On a trip it is very important to stay hydrated. You should be ding at least 32oz of water every hour on a trip. Make your water easily accessible so that you don't have to remove your pack. Once you put everything away you are ready to go out in to the wild. Remember to enjoy every minute of nature and not take it for granted. To learn more about backpacking and different trials look online. Backpacking is a great way to get away and have a relaxing and fulfilling experience.