Introduction: How to Paint a Canvas to Look Like Denim

Denim decor is in. Is that a good thing? That is a question for people wiser and more stylish than I. If you did not want to buy a denim stretch canvas from Michaels Make market You could still get the look with just a little paint, a cheap brush and elbow grease!! Finish it with a silhouette painting. Just like the step by step one I have on for Two lovebirds in a Cherry Blossom tree.

Step 1:

The materials you will need to get this look are acrylic paint in the colors

Phthalo Blue ( comes in a red or green shade. You want green shade ) Phthalocyanine Blue is the same thing

Titanium white


Pre Gessoed Canvas. (The one shown in the picture is a 16x20 gallery wrap on wide stretchers )

A 2" wide natural bristle brush

Stiff bristles will help with the effect

Step 2:

Mix a mid shade of your blue and white. You might think 50/50 mix of paint would get this BUT it does not :(

Add blue in small amounts to the side of your white until you reach your desired shade.

Paint your canvas with this blue in level horizontal strokes

Tip: If your paint has tonal values that are slightly lighter or darker that can be a good thing to give your denim paint job a more worn look

Step 3:

Mix a a tinted very light blue color. Make sure your brush is very very dry.

In clear horizontal strokes brush lightly the canvas.

The strokes should be leaving a dry brush streak.

When dry do the same Vertically

Step 4:

Mix a darker deeper Blue color on a dry brush

Make light streaky brush strokes horizontally

Allow to dry

Repeat vertically

Step 5:

Add a small amount of black to your blue Mixture

Dry brush the edges of your canvas

Keep the strokes in the same direction and your brush pressure light

Step 6:

Finish your amazing denim look with a lettering or a great silhouette painting