Introduction: How to Paint a Paintball Mask

In this instructable I will show you how to spray paint a paintball mask camouflage. You may also choose different patterns and colors on your mask to paint. This instructables is great for amateur paintball teams that want matching masks. Just follow the easy steps and wa la you have matching masks.
1. Mask
2. Painters tape would work best but any other will do.
3. Small knife or an exacto knife.
4. Spray paint of any color you wish.
5. Stencil

Step 1: Step 1: Taking Apart the Mask

In this step take apart your mask. If you can remove the goggles go ahead and do that. If not you will have to tape them before step 4.

Step 2: Step 2: Pick Out a Pattern

Find a pattern that you want to use for painting your mask. It does not necessarily have to be camo it can be a logo of a company for instance.

Step 3: Step 3: Cut Out the Pattern in the Stencil

Use the knife to cut out the patterns you want to use. Make sure to keep along the lines with a logo. It does not really matter for camo patterns though.

SAFETY CONCERN: Knifes can be sharp, try your hardest not to cut yourself..
Tip: hold the knife on the blade (not cutting yourself)

Step 4: Step 4: Paint Your Mask and Put Back Together

Use what ever color paints you chose to spray on a base coat if you want one. If you like the color you have for the basecoat simply don't put one on. After you have or have not applied a base coat, apply painters tape to all places that you do not wish to be painted. Then use your stencil to paint on the pattern. Put your mask back together and you have a customized mask!

Tip: If you have curves or crevices in your mask you can bring out that knife from step 3 and cut to your liking.