Introduction: How to Paint a Ps3 Controller Tiger Camo

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This is the first instructable on how to paint your ps3 controller in tiger camo i have never found an instructable before on this or anywhere so lets get started patience is really important for this if u don't have patience you will likely make a mistake and screw it up like i have so lets get started.

Step 1: Items You Will Need

1.a philips head screwdriver
2.some form of exacto knife spray paint (this can be whatever u want for the base color) preferably krylon fusion for plastics krylon fusion for plastics (dosnt have to be kyrlon just a paint for plastics.)
5.clear protective enamle by kyrlon as well
6.somewhere to paint
7.painters tape (or masking tape u will need this to tape of areas like the battery pack on an xbox controller of the sticker on a ps3 controller.)
8.patience you'll need it

Step 2: Preparations

cut out this template for the camo with your exacto knife this takes a while to do so take your time. 

Step 3: Take Apart Your Controller

use YouTube and figure out how to take apart your controller. make sure that you wash the controller and dry it before painting it helps 
the paint stick because it removes skin oils when you take apart your controller store all screws and parts in Ziploc bags.

Step 4: Time to Paint

Start by dusting light coats of your base color (mine was red) after a couple good coats take the stencil and lay it over the controller then carefuly spray the black on and hold down the stencil in some spots with your finger if u have to.Then do a couple good coats of the clear protective enamel as it will make this last long. In the end you should get something like this