Introduction: How to Participate in KERNEL

About: KERNEL constitutes a conceptual and participative platform that has the intention to encourage a dialogue, on the internet but also in physical space, on practices of management of information, of the designin…

In this tutorial we will see how we can get involved in the participative platform KERNEL

We will learn:

1. About KERNEL's main concept
2. About the core of KERNEL's structure
3. About KERNEL's blog
4. How to make proposals and modify KERNEL
5. About KERNEL's forum
6. How to publish a proposal on the forum

you can watch the tutorial on higher resolution here:

Step 1: The Main Concept

KERNEL constitutes a conceptual and participative platform that has the intention to encourage a dialogue, on the Internet but also in physical space, on practices of management of information, of the designing process and of creativity.

KERNEL' s research subject is the design of a physical space and of parallel in-situ actions in an open source-like way.

Step 2: The Core of KERNEL's Construction

The core of the construction consists of two elements:

-The tower, which is a space of concentration of operations such as the archive, the exhibition, the storage and the processing of KERNEL's material.

-The platform, which hosts actions for the activation of the construction.

The core's initial design consists of Dexion-type metal parts. Thus, the flexibility of the material enables the extension and transformation of the core.

Step 3: KERNEL's Blog

KERNEL's blog can be found at

In the blog we can:

-Read news and texts about KERNEL

-Trace KERNEL's development and its various versions

-Post a comment

-Access KERNEL's tutorials

-Download KERNEL's files for editing

Step 4: How to Make Proposals and Modify KERNEL

We can freely make proposals for KERNEL by creating constructions and actions on aspects such as:

-free exchange of information
-transmission of knowledge through the internet
-alternative instructional methods
-management of creativity and of the design process
-any issue we believe that concerns the participative platform KERNEL

There are three basic ways to develop our idea-proposal for KERNEL:

-Proposal by processing three-dimensional CAD files

-Proposal by sketch-image processing

-Proposal by filling out KERNEL's text form

Alternatively you can participate in your own way
such as by sending an e-mail to

In the blog you'll find additional video tutorials on how we edit files and create proposals

You can find the KERNEL's 'Downloads' page here:

Step 5: KERNEL's Forum

To publish our proposal we visit KERNEL's forum at the address

KERNEL's forum is the main area where the online involvement takes place.

To subscribe to the forum

-Click on 'Join Now'

-Enter your name in 'Username'

-Enter your email in 'Email'

-And your desirable password in 'Password'

-Click on 'Create User'

You have registered to KERNEL's forum!

In the sidebar you can find various information about KERNEL as well as KERNEL's tutorials.

In the main area of the forum you can find various categories in which you can participate by opening a discussion, making questions or giving answers.
Here you will find the category Proposals in which you can publish your proposals.

Step 6: How to Publish a Proposal on the Forum

To publish your proposal in the forum:

-Click on 'Proposals'

-Then click on 'Start a new topic'

-Enter a title in 'Subject'

-Type or paste the text about your proposal in the 'Body'

-This may be the concept, notes and instructions on the construction and the action, reviews, call for proposals, for participation or cooperation, etc.

-Also, your name, occupation, a link etc.

-By clicking on 'Upload files' you can upload files about your proposal, such as images, text files and three-dimensional CAD files.

-After we finish, we click on 'Create new Topic' and we are ready!

Step 7: Tips and Suggestions

We can see the proposals of other KERNEL participants, download their files to comment on the different versions, edit or upgrade them.

In addition, through discussions in the forum, decisions will be also taken on the realization of KERNEL's happenings and of the related constructions.

Each participant is free to realize any action-construction on his own initiative, provided that he includes KERNEL's original text as well as the web addresses of KERNEL.

Thank you for reading this tutorial!