Introduction: How to Perform a 180° Nose Tailtap to a 180° Tailtap With Your Trial Bike

This instructable will show you how to perform a 180° nose tailtap followed by a normal tailtap. Have fun!

Step 1: Grab Your Helmet

Before you start, search and find your helmet. You are an idiot when you ride your bike without wearing a helmet.

Step 2: Get Some Speed

To do the 180° tail tap, you need some speed. So get one by pushing in your pedals!

Step 3: Use Your Front Brake

Once you are fast enough (depends on your braveness and skill), fully hit your front brake and force your body to begin a 90° rotation.

Step 4: Lean Forward

Wait for the right moment to lean forward, this is about a half second after you began to brake. Lean forward as much as you can (you may need to overcome your self), but beware that you do not fall over your handlebars. While you push forward, continue pushing the bike 180° from the start using your feet.

Tip: If you feel that you will fall over you handlebars, release the break or jump and throw the bike behind you.

Step 5: Drive Backwards

Land the first 180° spin and drive a few centimeters backwards. This requires to release all breaks just when both of your wheels are about to touch the ground. When you are straight, just take the back wheel break or push into the pedals to stop rolling backwards anymore. At the same time, begin to rotate your body another 180°. Don't worry, your bike will follow.

Step 6: Keep Rotating

Keep rotating until you are about 290° from your start rotation. While you rotate, use your back wheel brake and your pedals to stay balanced.

Step 7: Push!

When you are about to finish your 360° rotation, begin to push in your pedals a little to prevent you and your bike to spin another 360° :-). You may have to lean forward a little because otherwise you would fall of your bike. You will spend last 10-20° while driving forward again. This is necessary to get a save landing.