Introduction: How to Perform a Supercool 360° Tailtap With Your Trial Bike

This instructable will teach you how to perform a supercool 360° tailtap with your trial bike. The weird trick name explained:

  • Do 180° bunny hop
  • Land on your back wheel
  • Do another 180° spin while your front wheel is in the air

Step 1: Grab Your Helmet

Before you start, search and find your helmet. You are an idiot when you ride your bike without wearing a helmet.

Step 2: Begin Rollin'

To start the trick, get a little speed and drive a straight forward. You don't have to be superfast, but the faster you are, the better you can get into the spin.

Step 3: Do a 90° Spin With Your Body Before You Jump

You have to spin very fast since you driving still in one direction. So make a very fast an concrete 90° spin with your body and jump right before you would fly from your bike.

Step 4: Land It!

Now you are in the air. To continue spinning, you have to land right after you spinned about 180°. To make this work you have to figure out a nice mix between using your break and pushing a bit into the pedals.

Step 5: The Final Move

After another 90°, move your body 90° again before your bike will follow. Release the breaks and stop pushing the pedals at the same time. This will make your front wheel come down.

Step 6: Continue Rollin'

You did it. You now can make a cool noise like "Yeah" to accent your cool move.