Introduction: How to Perform Multiple Backwheel Hops on Your Trial Bike

This instructable will teach you how to do multiple backwheel hops with your trial bike. As a trial bike rider, this is one of your basic tricks. You just hop around on your backwheel.

Step 1: Grab Your Helmet

Before you start, search and find your helmet. You are an idiot when you ride your bike without wearing a helmet.

Step 2: Push the Brakes

Push at least your backwheel brake. You may also use your frontwheel brake to get more control over whats going on. To start, just begin to lean back with your body.

Step 3: Use What God Gave You

Move you body back and even more back until your front wheel starts to get in the air.

Step 4: Wait for It

Wait for the right moment to jump. The best point is when your front wheel is so height that you are about to fall from your bike. Just when you are about to reach this point, push your handlebar back and jump. Move your feet like shown in the pictures - follow the arrow!

Step 5: Air Time

While you are in the air, the only thing you can do it prepare yourself for the landing.

Step 6: Layover

Since we want to do multiple backwheel hops, you have to land the first hop without your frontwheel getting in touch with the ground. Use your body to stay balanced. You can press your brakes all the time.

To balance your landing, your basically land while leaning forward a little. But right when you backwheel touched the body, lean back as hard as you can to prepare for the next jump. They basically work as described in the steps before.

Step 7: Land It

To land your hops, just release your brakes and use your pedals to start driving forward. To push into the pedals too early since you would fall from your bike.