Introduction: How to Play Auralux, the Best Mobile Strategy Game.

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Auralux is, in my opinion, the best mobile strategy game there is, and I want to share it with everyone else.

Auralux is a very simple strategy game, because there is only one type of troop, But it is also very complex because of the different strategies.

So, without further ado, here is the instructions of how to play, and some of my best strategies. I hope you like it!

Step 1: Starting the Game.

First, assuming you have installed auralux for free from the App Store, Google Play Store, or Windows Store, you must choose the level(obviously). You will start in a map in which You(Blue), Green, and Red each have single star with enough troops to upgrade or conquer a star(discussed later).

Step 2: Selecting Troops

In order to select your troops, you must tap the screen with your finger and drag across the screen, and then a blue circle will be in-between where you first tapped and where you finger is now(Photo 1). and when you release your finger, all troops within the circle will be selected and highlighted white(Photo 2). You can also select troops by tapping a planet and all nearby troops will become selected.

After you have selected troops the next point the tap will command the selected troops to go where you tapped

Step 3: Upgrading

After you selected some troops, if you tap your own star, it will be upgraded, using some of your troops. A level 1 star makes 1 troop per second, a level 2 star makes 2 troops per second, as soon on. The rings around the star tell you how many times the star can be upgraded.

Step 4: Conquering

After you selected some troops, If you tell them to go to an empty star (grey) they will conquer it, using some of your troops, and then it will be yours and make troops for you.

Step 5: Attacking

After you have selected some troops, If you tell them to go to an enemy star, they will attack it. First your troops must destroy any enemy troops defending it (discussed later) then they will kill the star, using some of your troops. After the enemy star is killed, it will become an empty star and needs to be conquered before it becomes yours.

Step 6: Healing

If your star is attacked but not killed, it will have a red bar underneath showing its health, and if you tell your troops to go to that star they will heal it and get used up.

Step 7: Attacking Enemy Troops

If your Troops come into contact with the enemy's troops, they will fight. 1 of your troops and 1 enemy troop neutralize (destroy) each other. When you have a large amount of troops, they will sometimes merge forming larger troops that that can destroy multiple troops before being killed, and are more effective in attacking, upgrading, conquering, or healing a star.

Step 8: Winning the Game

The game is won once you destroy all stars not belonging to you. Once the game is complete you are shown a graph representing everyone's level of success, or lack thereof.

Thank you very much for reading. God bless!

Step 9: Strategies

Here are some bonus strategies I would like to share.

-Conquer before you upgrade:
Unless your star is on the front line, it is better to conquer more stars instead of upgrading because one level 2 star and two level 1 stars both make the same amount of troops, but having two level 1 stars means less stars the enemy can easily get.

-Attack at the source:
The enemy won't keep an army in the back of his domain, so you can build up and army and then send them to offer to side (to dodge the rest of the stars) and then to the back of the enemy's domain and destroy his supply. Then he is surrounded and has no supply.

-Fake Retreat:
If you both have a planet with a large army and you want him to attack, you can send your army off to the side and then once the enemy attacks send the back or to the enemy star.

-Never be Defenseless:
If you have an army at the front line and want to attack, send a little bit of troops from everywhere else to the star with the army and then attack with your army before they get there so that when the army leaves the star is immediately replenished and not open to attack.

-The enemies are enemies:
Don't forget that Green and Red will attack each other, so if you have are sandwiched in between them, you can move all of your troops somewhere else and then they will fight for your star using up all of their troops, and then you come back and kill them both.

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