How to Play M.A.S.H.

Introduction: How to Play M.A.S.H.

About: hi my name is shrusti and i/m 14 years old. i love making things and arts/craft.

this is a game that basically shows your future for fun. or in other words a silly way for fortune telling! and for this all you will need is pen and paper.

Step 1: Chose the Story Catogories

First of all write M.A.S.H. on the top of the paper, which stands for mansion, apartment, stash and house.

next choose 4 categories (the ones on the image) and write 3 things under it

Step 2: The Magic Number

Draw a spiral and count how many lines it has. like here my spiral has 6 lines.

Start with the M at the top ,moving clockwise, count each option until you reach the magic number, cross off he option you land on. continue around the page, skipping the marked off option until you only have 1 option left in each categories.

Step 3: Final Story

Then that is your final story!

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