How to Play MapleStory With a Wiimote+Nunchuk




Introduction: How to Play MapleStory With a Wiimote+Nunchuk

I'm not a huge fan of Maple Story, but I have characters. I've been playing it since it's first Beta tests, and I have the bandanna to prove it :)

I haven't played it in a while but now my wife and best friend want to LAN party, so I wanted to spice the game up a little bit. Here's how I did that.

In this instrutcable, I will explain the steps to using a Wiimote to play MapleStory Global.

Step 1: Requirements

For this you will need the following:
(Do not extract zip files until you read the next step.)

A compatible bluetooth USB adapter or bluetooth enabled PC and bluetooth 'stack'


For safety's sake, I'll be hosting the proper package.


A Wiimote with Nunchuk

Step 2: Prepare the Apps

First off, I assume you have your bluetooth adapter set up. I will not go in to detail on how to do so here, but it should be very straightforward. In my case I have a broadcom-based USB Bluetooth adapters and the Broadcom drivers on Windows XP.
I do not know if this will work in Vista or with other drivers.

I found that I needed to Sync my Wiimote to my Wii to be able to connect the Wiimote to my PC. I did this by pressing the red Sync buttons on both my Wiimote and Wii. The Wii's Sync button is located in the memory card compartment, and the Wiimote's is located in the Wiimote's battery compartment.

You will need to make sure your Wii is out of range, powered off, or in standby. The Wiimote will try to auto-connect to the Wii otherwise.

Extract GlovePIE to an easily-accessible folder. This program does not install to your Program Files folder.

Next, extract JoyToKey to an easily-accessible folder nearby the GlovePIE folder.

And now, extract the PPJoy_Complete archive to an easily-accessible folder. Note that the archive contains all files already in a folder, so simply extracting to your desktop is sufficient. Run the setup application contained within the PPJoy Complete folder. Several Found New Hardware wizards will pop up. Tell them to install automatically.

Step 3: Preparing the Hardware

Firstly, we will connect the Wiimote to the PC. Open your bluetooth configuration. With my WIDDCOM/Broadcom adapter, I right-click the bluetooth icon in the system tray, and choose Add a Bluetooth Device. Press the 1 and 2 buttons on the Wiimote to put it in to discoverable mode. Your bluetooth software should detect the Wiimote as a RVL-CNT-01. If it asks to pair or asks for a password, leave the field blank, or click the Skip button if there is one. Once connected, your Wiimote's 4 LEDs should continue flashing.

To test that the Wiimote is connected, open GlovePIE and load the test.pie script. Click the Run button in the GlovePIE window. The debug line directly to the right of the Run/Stop button should now have several numbers that change rapidly as you move your Wiimote around. If this is the case, then the Wiimote is successfully connected to your PC.

Step 4: Preparing the Software Configuration

Finally, let's set everything up to do our bidding. First off is GlovePIE.

Open GlovePIE. Click File->New. Copy the following code into the window:

Nunchuck Stick - Up, Down, Left, Right
Nunchuck Flick Up - Jump
C - Buff 1
Z - Buff 2

Wiimote Flick Horizontally - Attack
Wiimote Flick Horizontally+A - Spell 1
Wiimote Flick Horizontally+B - Spell 2

Plus - Spell 3
Minus - Spell 4

D-Pad Up - Item 1
D-Pad Right - Item 2
D-Pad Left - Item 3
D=Pad Down - Item 4

Home+Nunchuck Tilt - Mouse Movement
1 - Left Mouse Click
2 - Right Mouse Click

//Map Nunchuck stick digitals 0,1,2,3
PPJoy.Digital0=Wiimote.Nunchuk.JoyX < -0.2
PPJoy.Digital1=Wiimote.Nunchuk.JoyX > 0.2
PPJoy.Digital2=Wiimote.Nunchuk.JoyY < -0.2
PPJoy.Digital3=Wiimote.Nunchuk.JoyY > 0.2
//c and z to digital4,5
//Plus Digital 6, Minus Digital 7
//D-Pad Up, Down, Left, Right, Digital 8,9,10,11
//If Home then Nunchuck tilt=Analog 0,1
if (Wiimote.Home) then
//Map Nunchuck flick up to Digital0
//1 digital 12, 2 digital 13
//Wiimote flick horizontally to Digital 14, a+flick Digital 15, b+flick Digital 16
if Wiimote.A then
if Wiimote.B then
if Wiimote.A==false&&Wiimote.B==false

Click File->Save and save the file as MapleStory.PIE.

Now, in GlovePIE, click CP-Settings->PPJoy. The PPJoy Joystick and Gamepad configuration Utility window should pop up. If you haven't already, add a Virtual joystick. More Found New Hardware wizards will appear. Do as before and let them install automatically. Once done, click on PPJoy Virtual joystick 1 then click the Mapping... button. Select Set A Custom Mapping and click Next. Select 2 axes and 18 buttons. Make sure Axis 1 is X Axis, and Axis 2 is Y Axis, then click Next. In the next page, make X Axis Analog0 and Y Axis Analog1, then click Next. In the next page make sure that buttons 1 through 16 are mapped to digitals 0 through 15, and click Next again. Finally, on the next page be sure that buttons 17 and 18 are mapped to digitals 16 and 17. Click Next, then Finish. Back in the PPJoy config window, click Done. PPJoy is now configured.

Next is JoyToKey. Now, you may be wondering why we're taking these extra steps using PPJoy and JoyToKey instead of simply mapping all the buttons in GlovePIE. The 'hack prevention system' called GameGuard that runs alongside many MMOGs including MapleStory blocks emulated inputs through GlovePIE, however it will allow JoyToKey. Now, onwards.

From GlovePIE, click CP-Settings->Joystick. Remember which joystick is the PPJoy joystick. If it is first in the list, then it is 1, if it is third, the it is joystick 3 in JoyToKey.

Now open JoyToKey. It should have already created your first configuration. Click Preferences on the far right. Set the number of joysticks to at least as many as your PPJoy is in the list. For example, if your PPJoy joystick is third in the list, make sure you have the number of joysticks in the JoyToKey preferences as 3 at least. Now click Joysticks on the far right, and click on the tab corresponding to the joystick number, e.x. Joystick 3, at the top of the JoyToKey window. All gamepad keys should be unmapped, and reading 'DISABLED'. Set the keys as follows:

Button 1 - Arrow - Left
Button 2 - Arrow - Right
Button 3 - Arrow - Up
Button 4 - Arrow - Down
Button 5 - Page Up
Button 6 - Page Down
Button 7 - Home
Button 8 - End
Button 9 - 1
Button 10 - 2
Button 11 - 3
Button 12 - 4
Button 13 - Leave Disabled for now
Button 14 - Leave Disabled for now
Button 15 - Insert
Button 16 - Delete
Button 17 - Control
Button 18 - Shift

Now minimize all applications.

Lastly, open up MapleStory. Log in and choose a server/channel/character. Once you're loaded on to a map move yourself someplace safe; to a town or on a safe ledge away from monsters. Go to the Key Config window. This is how I set up my keys. Feel free to change it around as you wish.

Attack - Ctrl
Jump - Shift

Item 1 - 1
Item 2 - 2
Item 3 - 3
Item 4 - 4

Main Spell 1 - Insert
Main Spell 2 - Delete

Buff Spell 1 - PageUp
Buff Spell 2 - PageDn

Other Spell 1 - Home
Other Spell 2 - End

Be sure to click OK when done.

Step 5: Wrapping Up: How It Works

Here is how things should work:

Swinging the Wiimote sharply to the left or right should cause you to attack normally.
Holding A while swinging should use your first Main Spell
Holding B while swinging should use your second Main Spell
Move using the Nunchuk analog stick
Flick the Nunchuk upwards (also downwards, technically) to jump.
Nunchuk C and Z are Buff spells 1 and 2
Wiimote D-Pad should be 3 items, and set Pick Up to 3 in the key config to use the D-Pad down to pick up items.
Plus and Minus are other spells 1 and 2
1 and 2, and home+nunchuk movement will control the mouse in the future, but are disable for now. You can set 1 and 2 (JoyToKey keys 13 and 14) to whatever keys you like for more spells/items if you prefer.

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    11 years ago on Introduction

    I Know I May take a bit of your time i want to swing my WiiMote Up Down Forwards and Backwards and the Nuncuck: Left Right Forwards and Backwards If you do this it might make this instructables even better! :) But GOOD JOB BTW! (note: your heaps good at programing T_T its so hard for me and that code is just to confusing.)


    12 years ago on Step 1

     im sorry to inform you that the link is broken

    Gordon Freeman

    Not to be mean but why wold you wast your time making it work for Maplestory Maplestory no offense but it's a poor man's Wow.


    Reply 12 years ago on Introduction

    its a great game, and since maplestory is free to play then EVERYONE can play, except those with no computer and internet connection......
    wow needs a fee to play, which means that wow hasnt got a good player list.
    Maplestory has optional extras for those who pay

    free games with optional extras get more players than pay2play games (ie. WoW)


    Reply 14 years ago on Introduction

    Because it works, and it's fun. You should also note that Maplestory has been around much longer than WoW. Thanks for trolling!

    Gordon Freeman
    Gordon Freeman

    Reply 14 years ago on Introduction

    Ok man don't assume I am stupid I know Maplestory has been around longer than Wow.


    Reply 14 years ago on Introduction

    That doesn't mean you have a right to flame.


    Reply 13 years ago on Introduction

    Yeah dude don't assume he's stupid. Geez. People these days.


    12 years ago on Step 4

    i love your tutorial so far but when i go in to choose ppjoy in glovepie nothing happens


    Reply 12 years ago on Step 4

    oh wait, go to step one, (ppjoy wasnt installed)


    13 years ago on Introduction

    To Gordon, first, nice name and secong a wow glove-pie script is already pacaged with glove-pie.


    13 years ago on Introduction

    So, can this be used for any windows application and not just maple? and, is all that is needed is the remote, and a bluetooth adapter? do you have to have a wii for this to work?


    Reply 13 years ago on Introduction

    Definately do not need a Wii, just a Wiimote.


    Reply 13 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you. And my friend made a website explaining it all. I will post the link here if he says it's ok.


    Reply 13 years ago on Introduction

    Quite. When I used Windows, it was my poison of choice, along with Litestep.


    Do you need an IR Sensor bar for this? I thought you needed one to pick up movement.