Introduction: How to Play Crazy Cricket

This is a improved version of hand cricket. Mostly 2 individuals play this game, but sometimes 2 teams of players can play. However this game has rules different that of hand cricket, but it is more interesting than hand cricket.


Step 1: How to Play It

  • It is played through gestures (called 'throws', as given in in the image) each of them signifying a number, that are made simultaneously by two players, each using 1 hand, and immediately releasing certain gestures (as given in the image) before the other player, who does it simultaneously before him.
  • For the toss, both the players (or the captains/players of the team) select from 'odd' and 'even' and make throws; if the sum of these (i.e. their nos.) is odd/even, then the side having chosen that, wins. The player that won chooses whether to bat or bowl. The number of overs may be fixed or it may be unlimited.
  • The batsman and the bowler make throws at every ball; the number kept by the batsman gets added to his scoreboard. If the bowler keeps the number adjacent to the number batsman kept, then the batsman gets out. (for eg., if the batsman keeps 5, and if the kept 4 or 6, the batsman gets out). If the bowler keeps the same number as the batsman, then the number gets squared and then is added to the scoreboard.(for eg., the batsman and the bowler keep 5, then the score of 25 (5x5) is added to the score).
  • If the batsman gets out, then the bowler has to get one more run than the batsman. If both the players get the same runs, then the match gets drawn.

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