Introduction: How to Play Minesweeper

Welcome to Minesweeper. If you're a Windows' user chances are that you already have the game on your computer. This guide will help you in completing your first game. The rule of the game is simple, the number on a block shows the number of mines adjacent to it and you have to flag all the mines.

Some terms:

  • Flag: Put a flag in a zone when you have confirmed that there is a mine.
  • Question Mark: Put a question mark when you suspect that there is a mine. But it is useless.
  • Smiley face: Click it if you want to reset the game, you can also press F2 instead.

Now that you know the terms so lets get sweeping!

Step 1: Finding Your First Mine

You can start by clicking at any random place since it is your first game. Chances are you'll have something like the image. Remember, the number is the mines adjacent to the block. So let's take the case in the image. See the bottom-left block in the image (3rd from the left and 2nd from bottom). It has 1 mine adjacent to it and there is only one unopened block next to it. Therefore, it must be a mine. Flag it by right clicking. Yay! Now you've found your first mine. Do the same with others. If a block with 2 has only two unopened mines flag the unopened ones and same for other numbers (if you got 8, you're a pretty lucky person ;) ).

Step 2: Clearing the Other

Its time to clean up the other blocks. Block A (see image) already has a mine next to it. This means that there won't be another mine adjacent to it. Thus, you can clean the mine on the bottom left.

Step 3: Making the Right Guess

You'll often come across a situation where you have to make a guess. But most of them which (seem to) require a guess comes when the game is about to finish. Like in this case (see the image). There is only 1 mine left and if must be near the '3's. In either of the blocks. So the best thing to do is to open the block which is not common to both like the blocks marked with orange on the image and you'll be able to find the mine.

Step 4: The 1-2 Pattern

Before coming to this step, I expect you to have completed at least 6 beginner fields and have got some experience. Here is a pretty useful technique I found. Its called the 1-2 pattern. Here in the image above you can see the 1-2 facing a wall (of blocks). Here, you can clear out the block next to one (not in the common field!). This technique will come in handy when playing intermediate and advanced levels. Try to think there is a mine in the block I told you to clear, will the 1 and 2 be satisfied?

Step 5: Wall Pattern

Often you'll come across something like the case above. Here a mine is present in either of the blocks marked in orange. You can open the blue block, it is safe. Think of it yourself, what will happen if a mine is placed in the blue block, will the 1s be satisfied?

Step 6: Some Tips

Here are some things, you should know about minesweeper

  • Press the F2 button to restart the game
  • Do not use the question mark, it would just be a waste of time
  • The game completes when you have opened all the safe blocks not when you've flagged every mine
  • If you accidentally click on a mine, just keep your mouse button held down and slide your cursor
  • Start from the middle, you've a higher chance to get stuck if you start from the side
  • You can change the settings and difficulty from the Game tab.

You might want to check out this website:

And now you know it.


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