Introduction: How to Play the Breaking Bad Theme on Guitar.

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This is a quick "how to play" via pictures. This is my first ever Instructable so apologies for the roughness of it.
Now lets begin!
Tune the thickest string (6th string) down a note to D. You should now have the tuning DADGBe.

Step 1:

Place your fingers on the 5th fret of the A and the 7th on the D. Leave the 6th sting open.

Step 2:

Slide down to the 7th fret on the A and bend it a half note, or until it sounds like the theme. Keep the D string (6th) open when you play this.

Step 3:

Place your finger on the 5th fret of the A string and leave the low D open, then barre (hold your finger down) across the D, A and D strings on the 5th fret. Then bend it a whole note (or until it matches the recording).

Step 4:

Barre across the D, A and D strings on the 3rd fret and bend the stings till it matches the theme, then slide down to the 5th fret.

Step 5: Last Bit!

Now play the lowest 3 strings open (not fretted) twice, then play the 3rd fret barred, and then finish on the open D again.And that should be it, let me know if i need to go over anything or how to improve on the style of "how to play".Thanks for reading and i hope you learnt something from it.