Introduction: How to Play the Game Mao

Mao is a really fun but confusing card game to learn but once you get the hang of it you can play it for hours

Step 1: Cards

Get a Full deck of cards, any kind of playing cards will work

Step 2: Group of Friends

Make sure you have a group of friends to play the game with, the more people the better, you may need a second deck depending on the size of the group

Step 3: Remove the Jokers

remove any cards you don't need, like the jokers

Step 4: Basics of the Game

the objective of the game is to get rid of all the cards in your deck with out breaking any rules

Step 5: How to Play

the game starts by the dealer handing out 7 cards, then once the game starts all the rules are in effect, the players must play cards from their hand that match the card that is currently face up on the table when you lay a card it either has to match number or suit. (an ace can be played on an ace, a seven of clubs can be played on any other clubs)

Step 6: Rules- Speaking

There are a few initial rules of the game Mao. once you deal the cards and all the players are ready you begin the game by saying Mao is in session, once that is said you are not allowed to talk until the round is over. if you break this rule you get 1 card

Step 7: Rules- Doubles

if you lay doubles (ex- ace on an ace) you have to knock on the table one time, if you lay triples you have to knock two times, and if you lay quadruples you knock three times

Step 8: Rules: 7s

when a seven is laid you have to say have a nice week, when 2 sevens are laid you say have a very nice week, 3 sevens is have a very very nice week, and 4 sevens is have a very very very nice week. ( the rule about laying double,triple, and quadruple affects these cards as well)

Step 9: Pausing the Game

the game is allowed to be paused, when any player wants to pause the game he or she must say the game is paused, once that is said no players are allowed to touch their cards, if a player touches their cards they get 1 card. to resume the game the player must say Mao is in session. players are allowed to talk when the game is paused

Step 10: Jokers

there are two different ways to play the game one with jokers and one without, the only difference is the joker is a wild card allowing you to call a new suit

Step 11: Last Card Rule

when a player gets down to their last card he or she must say uno, if the player does not say uno they are penalized by receiving one card

Step 12: Winning the Game

after uno is called and you are about to lay your last card there are 3 things you must do in order to win. first you have to knock on the table one time, lay your card on the pile, and then say Mao i win

Step 13: Rules

once someone has won the game they get to make a new rule. they have the option of telling the group this rule or not telling the group of the rule. if any player violates this new rule they receive one card. (its more fun when you don't say you're new rule and let them figure it out on their own).

Step 14: Removing a Rule

lets say someone won a round and made a rule you don't like, if you win you are allowed to remove their rule in place of creating a new one

Step 15: Rules

any rule can be removed except the initial rules the game starts out with

Step 16: Enjoy

enjoy the game it can be fun if your creative in making rules

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