Introduction: How to Prepare a Frozen Breakfast Sandwich

One of my favorite take to work breakfasts has always been
the frozen sausage, egg, cheese, English muffin breakfast sandwich. But the idea of just plopping it into a microwave for 90 seconds always resulted in tough bread and the cheese disappeared into the sausage and all around disappointing breakfast sandwich. So I came up with a way to prepare the sandwich that would produce much more pleasing and palatable results. Here for you is the best way to prepare a frozen breakfast sandwich (I don’t know if this will work for the ham version since I have never tried the ham version}.

Step 1: Take the Sandwich Out of the Package

Take sandwich out.

Step 2: Now Open the Plastic Bubble

Step 2. Now open the plastic bubble by carefully peeling

back the top. Save the wrapping, you’ll need it later. Now separate the individual pieces of the sandwich thusly:

Step 3: Place the English Muffins in a Toaster

Step 3: Place the English muffins in a toaster for approx. 5

minutes, give or take. The time will depend on your toaster.

Step 4: Place the Egg and Sausage on a Paper Towel and Microwave for 90 Seconds.

Step 4: Place the egg and sausage on a paper towel and

microwave for 90 seconds.

Step 5: Now We Prepare for Assembly.

Step 5: Now we prepare for assembly. Make sure you have the

plastic bubble that the sandwich came in and the cheese slice waiting.

Step 6: When the Microwave Is Finished

Step 6: When the microwave is finished check to be sure the

egg/sausage are done to your liking and take them out and place them on the table and place the cheese slice on top of the egg sausage combo. Egg first or sausage first is up to you.

Step 7: Now the Part That Makes This Better

Step 7: Now the part I figured out that makes this a better

sandwich. Place the plastic bubble wrap over the egg/sausage/cheese combo to create a small steam oven that will soften the cheese while we wait for the English muffin to finish toasting.

Step 8: Assemble Your Breakfast Sandwich

Step 8: When the English muffin is finished, assemble your

breakfast sandwich as shown.

Step 9: Lastly Grab a Mug of Your Favorite Caffeinated Beverage and Enjoy!

I hope you realize like I did that this greatly improves the frozen breakfast sandwich.