Introduction: How to Prepare Your Zippo for Survival Kit

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If someone ask you if zippo is good to put in survival kit you
would probably say – no it isnt ,put bic instead of zippo
Zippo is good if you are about to use it at harsh weather ,but
fuel evaporates
Usualy zippo fuel evaporates in week or two if you are not using
But still you can put them into your survival kit if you prepare
your zippo just like i did

Step 1: You Will Need:

You wont need anything expensive :
-Zippo lighter
-Zippo lighter fluid (to refill it)
-Zippo flints or Swan extra longs (to reflint it and put extra flints under felt pad)
-Zippo wick (to put new wick if the old is burned out)
-Small watertight container (to put extra fuel)
-Inner tube - 26x2.00 fits perfectly (to seal zippo)
-Scissors (to cut inner tube)

Step 2: Changing the Wick

You can skip this step if your wick is still good (not too short or

Its easy to change wick you just need to take out the
insert ,remove all rayon balls,pull old wick out,put new in and
put rayon balls in

Step 3: Reflinting

You can use flints from disposable lighters but i prefer (and zippo) to use genuine zippo flints also i read that swan extra longs are good but a haven t tried them

You need to remove insert, unscrew the small screw (golden) and inside is spring,then watch if any flint fall out (old flint) and then just put new flint in and screw it

Step 4: Refilling

Refilling zippo is really easy

You need to raise the felt pad and put fuel in (count to 10)

Then wait minute or two for fuel to sit down

Step 5: Extra Flints

Well i dont need to write about this , you just need to put 2-3
flints under the felt pad (if you run out of fuel you can still use
them for making sparks for starting fire)

Step 6: Extra Fuel

You need a small watertight container to keep extra fuel

You need to wash the container and put fuel in (for zippo and to
start fire)

Step 7: Sealing Zippo

Now you are gonna need the scissors and inner tube (26x2.00)

You are need to cut the inner tube so it will cover the part where zippo opens

When you are need to use it you just put the tube a little bit down so you can open it ,and after that restore it

With this „hack“ my zippo fuel last about 3-4x longer and its also waterproof ,and when im not using it ,it can be stored for lifetime (i didnt use my zippo for 3 monts and fuel was still in it)