How to Program Attiny85/45 With Parallel Port?

Introduction: How to Program Attiny85/45 With Parallel Port?

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Hi all! Today i'm gonna show... blah blah blah xD

You need:

6(reccomended) or 10 ribbon cable
Power source (Needed for programming, since power can't be obtained from LPT)
NB! If voltage is over 5v, you need voltage regulator or other power source
LPT connector
4 470 ohm resistors
breadboard (not on the picture)
1 Led
100 ohm resistor

Step 1: Making Programmer

Look at the pictures, i did wrote stuff to there :3

Step 2: Programming

Now connect it to your computer

I know only one method how to program ATtiny85 with LPT:

- Linux and avrdude(and tools)

If you know how to do it in Windows, Please tell me!!!

Now if you're connecter your programmer cable, connect it as the 2nd picture shows
NB! MISO and MOSI must be swapped(like on the picture)

Step 3: Open Your Terminal

Since only root can acces /dev/parport0, then you need to use su(do)
If you can't, then ask your system administrator

So open up your terminal, and type:
$ sudo avrdude -p t85 -P /dev/parport0 -c bsd
$ su -c "avrdude -p t85 -P /dev/parport0 -c bsd"
* bsd means the type of tis programmer
* t85 means attiny85

If there is no errors, THEN IT'S VERY GOOD! :)

It is??? Check cables or remove resistors, maybe you soldered wrong(like i did before :D)

Step 4: AND Your First Testprogram!

Link to the program:
NB! just run "make", sudo stuff are in the makefile

If you connect it so(like on picture), it should start blinking

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    how about a usb port? how can i preprogram a attiny85 with a usb port :D


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    I remember that there was a usb programmer on net
    it had just few diodes(yes, diodes, not LED-s) and it was so inexpensive but tht tutorital page was deleted
    this tutorital with few modifications should work:


    i do not have a parallel port on my Hp pavilion dv8301nr can i use a usb to parallelport adapter for this project :'(