Introduction: How to Program in C-simple Tutorial

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This Instructable will teach anyone to write a simple program in the C programming language.

What you will need:

a Macintosh Computer with the Developer tools installed,
and some brain power.

Step 1: Write Source Code

open the program Terminal in your Utilities folder, then type pico at the prompt.

Step 2: Type Source Code

Okay, now type this into the pico editor:


int main()

Step 3: Save Your Program

Now, save (Ctrl+o) the file as HELLO.C

Next, quit pico(Ctrl+x).

Step 4: Compile!

Type into the prompt:

gcc HELLO.C -o Hello

Step 5: Run Your Program!

In the prompt, type:


This should run your program. Congratulations! You have just created your first C program!