How to Properly Plug in and Unplug Your Ipod.

Introduction: How to Properly Plug in and Unplug Your Ipod.

This will show you how to plug in, and unplug your I pod problem free at ease.

Step 1: Step 1 to Plugging in the Cord.

Plug the other end of the cord ( the longer sized one) into the i pod port by squeezing the sides of the plug and sliding it into the I pod. This should take much effort, so if it isn't going in easily you may be holding it upside down.

Step 2: Step 2 to Plugging in the Cord.

Plug in the end of the cord the ( USB) side, The end with he shorter size. Plug this into one of the ports usually located ont he side of your laptop, or at the front of you computer monitor.

Step 3: Step One to Unplugging the I Pod

Before you unplug your I pod it would be a good idea to "eject" it before removing the plug. You usually find this button located on one of the side tabs on Itunes. Click that and wait a couple seconds until your I pod says or shows it is safe to unlock

Step 4: Step 2 to Unplugging Ipod

Now it is safe to remove the cord attached to computer and Ipod/ to remove it from the Ipod pinch the sides again of the plug and pull it out. Then just quickly remove the plug connected to the computer.

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    I assume the purpose of this was more about the "ejecting" prior to removal and not literally how to plug and unplug that iPod. That being in mind, the "eject" and the "safely remove hardware" options are very important things to remember when removing all devices....except for USB devices. USB devices are hot-swappable, meaning, unless the device is actively doing something (syncing in the case of an iPod) you can unplug it as you please.

    I do have to qualify this as it seems every time I make a statement about universally agreed upon practices and features of technology, Apple goes and blows it out of the water. For all I know, the iSeries are the only USB devices that aren't hot-swappable. I wouldn't be surprised one bit.