Introduction: How to Protect Your Right After Car Accident? Answer!

The source of increased danger - there are activities related to the use, storage or maintenance of vehicles, plant and equipment, use, storage of chemical, radioactive, explosive and flammable and other materials, keeping wild animals, dogs and dog breeds Fight etc. which creates an increased danger to the person who carries out these activities, and others.

The basic material and legal basis of such responsibility is the provision of the Civil Code of Ukraine (CC), which in this case defining features of tortious liability, depending on the subject of damage, nature of injury, the financial condition of the person who inflicted damage, etc.

Step 1: Insurance!

Insurance case  - event provided the insurance contract or law, which took place and the onset of which occurs insurer's obligation to pay the sum insured (insurance) the insurer, insured or other third party.

The insurer usually reimburses only direct damages caused by the onset of task events in the contract (insurance claims), these events have the character of probability and randomness. Depending on the factor of possible occurrence of such events the conditions of the insurance contract, insurance rates and other indicators.

Step 2: Civil Liability!

Civil liability - (civil law - from the Latin. Civilis - civilian, non-service) - one of the forms (species) of legal responsibility, whose essence is forced to impact on a violator of civil rights and obligations through the application of sanctions against him, which entail additional property disadvantageous consequences.

Civil liability is established by law or contract the parties, it is compensatory in nature, because its goal - restore the violated property rights of individuals. Comes the subject of failure or improper fulfillment of obligations, wrongful acts of conduct offender, injury, causal connection between the behavior of the offender and damages, as well as guilt. No fault of the holder shall be liable only source of increased danger (cars, dogs, etc.).

Step 3: Criminal Liability!

Criminal liability - a type of legal liability for committing socially dangerous actions by criminal law as a crime.

Criminal liability may occur only under conditions stipulated by the criminal law and possible action by defining it

Step 4:

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