Introduction: How to Put AP1 Portal on Your PSP

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AP1 is a very cool portal for your PSP, and if you do not want this portal then you have to be a Nintendo lover. I will show you how to put AP1 on your PSP.

Step 1: Download

Download the file below and save it anywhere on your PC. Next extract the folder to your desktop.

Step 2: Cut & Paste

The folder you extracted on your desktop should be called "FLCPCRMFS8RCAJ3" inside that folder you will find the ap1 folder Right click on the ap1 folder and click cut. Next connect your psp to the computer using a usb cord. Go to my computer and double click your psp drive (it should be called "removable disk"), double click "psp", double click "common", and paste it in there. It should be like this:


X = your memory stick.

Step 3: Accessing It

To access it go to the internet browser on the psp and type in the address bar without the quotes
"file:/psp/common/ap1/index.html" exactly that and it should come up.

Warning: If you make any errors in typing the address then it will not come up.

Enjoy AP1!