Introduction: How to Put Bumper Stickers on a Bike With a Milk Crate.

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Have you ever wanted to put bumper stickers on your bike, but had no place to put them?
Do you have a milk crate on your bike? Well, I have a solution for you!

Let's learn how to make the Bicycle Bumper Stickero-matic!! (Not the official name XD)

Step 1: The Stuff!

So, you'll need:

A drill, or other hole making device. (I used a 7/32" drill bit to make the holes.)

Zip/cable ties.


A piece of corrugated cardboard.

And a bike with a milk crate.

Step 2: Trim the Cardboard.

Pretty simple, trim the cardboard so that it covers the backside of your milk crate.

Step 3: Attach the Cardboard.

Drill one hole up in the top corner through the cardboard, and the plastic. Then loop a zip tie through and over the top, then tighten it. (Be careful not to tighten them so much that you rip the cardboard)
Then do the next top corner the same way.

For the bottom, I put the zip tie in the middle, instead of the corners. You can do it either way.
The trick here though, is to drill through the side, and bottom. (See the third picture.)
Then just loop the zip tie through, and tighten.

Step 4: Add Stickage, and You're Done!

Just add stickers, and you now have bumper stickers on your bike! Congratulations!

I added some pictures of my baby ;) Yes, it's a dual suspension with a rear rack. It's one of those racks that goes around the seat post, instead of down to the dropouts. I zip tied the bigger rack (shown in picture #5) to it, and the milk crate is bungee corded to that.