Introduction: How to Put Games and Programs on Your TI-84 Using MirageOS.

I am making this instructables because when I received my Ti-84 Plus, I looked for a guide to put games on it. I found another instructables where they used Ion but that didn't work for me for whatever reason. So I looked around the internet and I didn't find a good guide that worked for me but somehow I eventually figured out how to put games on my calculator. So this instructables is what worked for me and I tried to make it very detailed so that it isn't confusing. I hope this helps, and I will read comments if you need help.

Step 1: Getting Materials Together.

First you have to make sure that you have your TI-84 and a mini usb cable to plug it into your computer.

Once you have that, head over to the Texas Instruments website:!lightbox=TI-Connect-TI-Connect-CE

When you open that page, a window should pop up showing you the two different TI-Connect programs.

On the left column, under the Original TI Connect Software, there is a list of supported calculators, make sure that your calculator is on that list, if not this inscrutables may not be for you, sorry.

The right column is the TI Connect CE Software, you may have a calculator that is supported by this program, which is unfortunate because MirageOS and many other programs do not work on these calculators.

If you do have a calculator that is listed on the left column select "Learn More," then "Download PC," or "Download Mac," select the language you want and "Continue as guest." The setup program should start downloading, go through that and TI Connect should be installed.

Step 2: Downloading MirageOS and Other Programs/games.

After installing the TI Connect program, we are going to put that to the side and download an app, MirageOS and some other programs/games for our calculator. is a good website where you can find many programs and games for your calculator.

First go to:

Next to where it says Filename, press the (Download) and should start downloading

For games/programs go to: (Archives->FileArchives)

Select the calculator model you have.

Press Basic Then press math or games or any other category you want.

Two program I have really enjoyed include ztetris ( and Advanced Quadratic Formula Program ( fro my TI-84 Plus.

I recommend putting your MirageOS folder and your other folders on your desktop. Right click each individual folder you downloaded and select "Extract All." A location to where you are extracting that file should pop-up and also put that on your desktop.

Once you do that, you can delete the un-extracted folders you downloaded.

Step 3: Putting MirageOS, Games and Programs on Your Calculator.

Open the TI Connect program you downloaded and installed in Step 1, and select the Send to TI Device option.

Now plug your calculator in using your mini usb cable and press the "Select Device," button, your calculator should show up and you can select that.

Open your extracted mirageos folder and you can drag the MIRAGEOS file (TI_84 Plus Family App (.8xk)) to the Send to TI Device window.

Then, press the "Send to Device," button, wait for all of the processes to finish and then if you press APPS on your calculator, you should be able to scroll down and see MirageOS, press ENTER and you should see a screen like the one above.

In the main folder should be all of the programs you installed. You can press ENTER to open the folder and ENTER to run any of your programs.

To exit this app scroll back up to MAIN and press QUIT (2nd->Mode) or take out your batteries.

Step 4: Archiving and Deleting Programs and Apps.

Some teachers, before tests or exams might want you to clear your RAM so that you can't cheat. I don't condone cheating, however archiving your programs makes it so that when you clear your RAM it doesn't delete your programs. To archive your programs go to MEM (2nd -> +) then Archive, go to PRGM and select which program you want to archive.

Archived programs have an asterisk (*) next to their name on the PRGM screen.

Note that you can't run archived programs from the PRGM screen, but you can run archived programs in MirageOS so archive all of your programs!

To delete a program or MirageOS, go to MEM (2nd -> +), Mem Mgmt/Del... and then either Prgm or Apps, move your curser over the program/app you want to delete and press DEL.