Introduction: How to Put Save Data on Psp!

Some psp games are pretty hard. Such as Patapon. In this instructable I'm going to show you how to put save data on your psp so you have some help.
You'll need:
  -computer(no way!)
  -usb cable
  -a psp game
Now we are ready to put the files on your psp!
Make sure..
-you want to cheat/make it harder
-you extract the right folder
-you choose the right game save when playing the game 

Step 1: Google the Game

First google your game and then save data. So if I wanted save files for Patapon, I wouuld search Patapon save data. Look at the picture.

Step 2: Pick the Site

Now pick the site that you want. I would pick GameFAQS, cause that one always has what you need.

Step 3: Pick Which Save File You Want

Pick which one you want. Make sure it is in your region! Read the descriptions and they'll tell you what is unlocked etc.

Step 4: Save the File

Now click on the file you want. Choose "Save File".

Step 5: Extract the Folder

Click on the folder that starts with a letter.Then press extract to. Make sure you choose desktop so it is easier to get. Now it is on your desktop.

Step 6: Connect PSP to Computer

Connect PSP to computer via USB cable.No need for picture.

Step 7: Putting the Folder in Your SAVEDATA Folder

Go to my computer.
Choose removable disk
Choose PSP
Choose SAVEDATA (if you do not have this folder play the game save a file and you will have it)
Bring the folder that starts with U (or another letter) from your desktop, to your SAVEDATA folder

Step 8: Play the Game!

Now you unplug the psp and go to the UMD. When it loads, load a the game file we just put in. If you are unsure about which one was the one we put in, read the description. Look at everything. Cool right!