Introduction: Quickly and Easily Pitch a 6 Man Tent!


Coleman 6 man tent

2 small poles

2 medium poles

2 large poles

rain tarp

firm ground

8-10 stakes


2 6ft. ropes

***Caution*** Make sure to locate firm ground so that the stakes can be firmly set into the ground. Also, stakes are very sharp!!!

Step 1: Unwrap and Unfold the Tent

Locate the area where you want to set up the tent and gently unfold and separate the pieces. Now unfold the tent.

**Caution ** Make sure to set up your tent away from the campfire to prevent catching it on fire

Step 2: Assemble the Rods

Now it's time to assemble the rods that came in the tent set.

Simply assemble the rods by gently connecting them together.

On the large rods there will be 8 spots that you will need to connect.

On the Medium poles you will need to connect 6 spots.

On the small rods there will be 2 spots that will need to connected together.

After you finish connecting the poles it should look like the picture provided.

Step 3: Insert the Poles Into the Pole Pockets

Now that you have assembled the poles its time to put them into the pole pockets.

The pocket holes are clearly marked with yellow on the edges for convenience.

1st place the largest poles across in an X pattern on the top of the tent in the pocket holes as shown above.

Step 4: Insert the Side Poles

Now that you have created a X with the largest poles now use the medium poles and insert them into the side pockets as seen above.

Latch the pole ends over the the small rods located in each bottom corner. Do for large and medium size poles.

*Note: May require two individuals to latch the pole ends.

Step 5: Hammer the Stakes in the Ground (if Applicable)

If you are indoors please go to the next step.

If you are outside, hammer in stakes at each corner of the tent to secure it. Make sure that the tent is pulled tight enough that it wont fly away.

** Caution** Be careful with the hammer in order to prevent smashing your fingers.

Step 6: Place the End of Long Poles Over Small Rods Near Stakes.

Next, you will need to place the end of the long poles over the short rods near the stakes. This will raise the tent up.

Step 7: Hook the Small Black Hooks on to the Poles to Secure the Tent

Find the black hooks attached and hook them to the long poles to finish securing the tent in place. There will also be some hooks that will need to be hooked to some yellow loops as seen above.

Step 8: Place Rain Tarp on Top of Tent (if Available)

Now if you have a rain tarp, place it on on top of the tent. Use the attachments to secure the tarp to the tent as seen above.

Push the small poles through the sleeves of the rain tarp and place the end of the poles into the brass post holes that are located under the rain tarp. Refer to first and second picture.

Step 9: Secure Rain Tarp Sides to Tree or Solid Structure

Secure the rain tarp sides to a tree, stake, or a solid structure with the two ropes included. Make sure the ropes are tight and snug.

Step 10: Enjoy!!

Now you have completed pitching your tent. Enjoy your adventure!!