Introduction: The Guide to L33tsp33k

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This is Radioactv Biohazard, @nd 1'm g01ng t0 sh0w 70u 40w 2 l33tsp33k (i'm going to show you how to leet-speek)

Ok. Unlike some people, I love l33tsp33k. I can't get enough l33tsp33k. I made a group for l33tsp33kers, and a forum for people who want to l33tsp33k. If you want to learn HOW to l33tsp33k, this is the instructable for you.

However, if you dislike l33tsp33k, please do not complain about it here and leave!


Step 1: Rules of L33tsp33k

Here are the basic rules and concepts of l33tsp33k:

1) Numbers are a MUST.

Yea that's pretty much it.

Step 2: Where to L33tsp33k?

Where to l33tsp33k:

  • l33tsp33k1ng websites, forums, chatrooms
  • Places l33tsp33k are welcome
  • Somewhere you can type

Step 3: Where NOT to L33tsp33k?

Here's where you shouldn't l33tsp33k

  • Non- l33tsp33king websites, forums, chat rooms,
  • Around l33tsp33k haters

Step 4: L33tsp33k Guide

Here are the numbers, symbols, and such that represent letters.

1 = I or L
2 = Z or S
3 = E
4 = H
5 = S or Z
6 = G
7 = Y or T
8= B
9 = P, G and Q
0 = O
z = S
s = Z
@ = A
# = H
& = 8