Introduction: How to Re-use an Old Hard Drive

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I really don't want to say this because we're all tired of hearing it but, this is my first Instructable, so constructive critisism would be helpful.

Now that that is over with, lets get down to business.

In this Instructable I am going to show yo a few ways to re-use an old hard drive.

Step 1: Hard Drive Platters

Other than mirrors and coasters, I haven't really found much use for these.

Except for this:

Step 2: Hard Drive Platter Spacers

These can be used as key chains, or a ring if you have huge finger.

Step 3: The Magnets

Last but not least the magnets! Yay!

Now then, you can use then as regular magnets, or as a cool low cost wall decoration.

All credit for the second one comes from Household Hacker.

Step 4: Ideas?

Now I know you all probabaly have a lot of things to add so send them to me and ill try to put them in.