How to Record Music Using a Mic



Introduction: How to Record Music Using a Mic

This instructable is for my animation i will be working on this year. I will be recording music and adding it to the animation and this is how it will be done.
the first thing you'll need is some tools. you'll need an instrument (for this one I use a Yamaha DSR-500 keyboard). a good working mic (I'm using a Blue Yeti mic that can hook up to a computer and the Adobe Audition program to record.
once every thing is in order start up Adobe Audition 

Step 1: Adobe Adition

You'll need to open a new multitrack session to begin by clicking file, new, multitrack session.
To Make sure the mic is plugged in and working  press the R button in Track 1 to arm the mic.
The R should be red showing its working.
Tap the mic a couple times and Green coloured bars should spring up leting you know the sound is working.

Step 2: Lets Lecord Music

to begin recording click the red circle button at the bottom of the program and begin to play on your instrument when you are finish with your sound or tune click the stop square to sop the recording. hit play to test and see if your music came out the way you wanted

Step 3: Edit the Sound

Under view there is a cut tool. you can use the cut tool to cut extra stuff you don't want. when you cut the area click on the part you dont want and hit delete.
when you want to export the sound you just created click file, go down to export, click multitrack mixdown and entire session
now you can use the music or sound you created for almost anything you want.

Step 4: This Is What I Did

When I did the steps that you have read I uploaded the MP3 file to instictables. This is not the final product that i will be doing for my animation this is just a little snippet. (Having problems converting to video)

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