Introduction: How to Refinishing a Small Wood Table

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Don’t throw that piece of furniture away!!! Paint it, stain it, refinish it and give it a new life.

I think its easy just to throw a piece of furniture away and go buy something else. You will have to use a little elbow grease, but it will be worth it in the end. In this video I show you how to refinish a small wooden table. Step by step instruction from sanding off the old finish and applying the new stain and finish.

The hardest part is getting the old finish off. Trying to get into all the small corners and crevices is difficult, but be patient and take your time. You want to get all the old finish off, or your new stain and finish will not soak into the wood and you will have blotches. I will have to say, little triangle sander did not work very well and I returned it. I sanded all the hard corners by hand. If you can take apart the piece of furniture that you are refinishing, do it, it will make sanding a lot easier. Just remember how to put it back together.

If you want to paint a piece of furniture that has a finish on it, you still want to sand it off the old finish. After sanding off the finish, you will want to apply a primer and them your finish coat.