How to Remove MAZDA 5 Seats




Introduction: How to Remove MAZDA 5 Seats


       This is my first instructable so bear with me please.

For this instructable you will need:

1x socket wrench
1x 14mm ( 9/16 ) Socket
1x slotted screwdriver

And maybe someone else to help you take the seats out because the middle seats weigh 50lbs each!

Step 1: Identify and Remove Bolt Covers

The middle MAZDA 5 seats are held in place by four 14mm hex bolts located at the end of each rail the seat slides on. The seats are permanently attached to the rails they slide on.

The easiest way to do this is to slide the seats all the way back, find the two front bolt covers, and use a slotted screwdriver (or other flat instrument) to pop them off.

Next slide both seat forward as far as they can go, and lean the back of the seat forward as well. Find the two  bolt covers and remove them as well.

Step 2: Remove Bolts

Much of this step is the same as the first.

The easiest way to do this is to slide the seats all the way back, find the two front bolts, and use a 14mm Socket wrench to remove them.

Next slide both seat forward as far as they can go, and lean the back of the seat forward as well. Find the two bolts and remove them as well.

Step 3: Fold and Remove Seats

Next fold up the seats, and remove them. 

Keep in mind they weight roughly 50 lbs each so you may need help. 

I would suggest putting the four bolt covers in the cargo space inside each seat so you dont lose them.

also, replace the bolts in place so you dont lose them either.

Step 4: Remove Rear Seat



I have taken photos of bolt locations, and have been told by a MAZDA dealer mechanic that this is how it is done.

The rear seat is held in place by 5 14mm hex bolts. Three are located in the front underneath three plastic bolt covers.

The other two are located inconveniently under the rear of the seat. 

I would suggest removing the rear bolts first. Slide both seats forward, and remove the tool rack to expose the spare tire. locate bolts on each side and remove.

Next, slide both seats back as far as the can go, and remove the bolt covers. Then remove bolts.

Fold down seats and remove them!

I would put the bolt covers in a bag an tape/tie the bag to the seat as to not lose them. As well I would screw the bolts back in their place.

I would have done this for my trip home for Christmas, but I have a babyseat that I needed to attach in the rear seat.  

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    5 Discussions


    Question 2 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks for the pictures and how to. The only problem we are having TRYING to remove the rail bolts is that we cannot remove the bolts. They were probably put in TIGHT with a troque wrench and trying to remove it by hand, it's impossible to even get them to bulge even a mm. How were YOU able to remove the bolts?


    4 years ago

    Have been considering taking out the back seats of my 2014 Kia suv to add storage, dog and sleeping space. Thank you - can't wait til daylight to go out and check out how those passenger seats are attached to the car- they have to go or the car has to go.

    This was very helpful- if anyone has any experience with the seats on the sorento please share your experience.


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Did you pull out the seats because you needed more cargo space? I have an '08 model and the seats fold to create a flat floor, not that much more space if the seats are actually removed. Maybe a better idea to get a roof rack and cargo box? Zoom, zoom, zoom.


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    My seats fold up to make a flat floor as well. The main difference with taking out the seats is that you save the weight (each seat is heavy) and you gain more space in side the car. While you can get a cargo box, or a roof rack, those cost money. This is free!!


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    No, I guess to remove all the yummy dog hair :-)

    Nice instructable. I'll have to do the same with my new Sharan soon. Take it out for easier passenger un/loading (4 kids), and for the holiday trips to put the chair in again to use the folded middle seat as a table replacement.