Introduction: How to Remove an Oversized Allen Bolt...anywhere!

If you've ever been like me, looking at what appears to be the biggest Allen Bolt ever made while realizing the largest wrench in your tool kit is only good enough to fix a pair of sunglasses, you might think you're a tad bit hosed.

Never fear! Here's a quick and dirty solution.

Step 1: Get a Bolt and 2 Nuts

The trick is to either buy, or dig through your piles of bits and pieces, and get a bolt whose head is either the same size as your Allen bolt, or slightly larger, and 2 corresponding nuts.

* If you're dealing with a car or motorcycle, there's a pretty good chance you'll find one of these suckers holding useless things together, like shocks or fuel pumps.

Now that you have your bolt, make sure it fits. If you've got an oversized one, just file or grind it down to fit.

Step 2: Assemble Your Tool

This is the easy part. Thread the 2 nuts onto your bolt and back them against each other hard! For those of you scratching your head, that means turn them in opposite directions in relation to each other. They will tighten up very solidly.

If you're planning on using a 12-point socket or box-end wrench, make sure the points will line up with the splines in your wrench.

For 6-point sockets/wrenches, or for those of you using anything open-ended, make sure the nut faces are parallel to each other.

Step 3: Remove Your Allen Bolt!

Put the newly assembled tool into the Allen Bolt and start turning! To prevent the top nut from just spinning off, make sure you turn the bottom (closer to the Allen) nut to remove - turn the top (furthest away from the Allen) to tighten.


Now, throw that little sucker into your tool kit with've made your own tool from basically nothing!

James Irmiger
Lead DC - Facilities Manager
TechShop SOMA