Introduction: How to Remove Your Handlebar Grips in One Piece

Hi all! I was playing around with my bike:s handle bars the other day trying to figure out a modification. The handle bars were the beach cruiser type and I decided to shorten them up a bit, but I wanted to be able to re-use the handle grips. So here is how I handle the task.

Step 1:

Tools you will need:
     WD-40 spray oil (or similar lubricant)
     Flat scre driver
     Your hands.

  Insert the tip of the screw driver into the grip a little bit and spray a little oil inside the grip by sticking the spraying straw along the screw driver.

Step 2:

Push sxrew driver as far into the grip as you possibly can without rupturing it and spray a bit of oil again (repeat this step as many times as necessary, I only had to do this twice).

Step 3:

twist grip a few times back and forth as you pull the grip out of the bar. It should slide out easily because of all that lubrication.  The oil will evaporate eventually but can still provide enough lubrication to push the grip back on if you do it the same day. Hope this helps : ) .