Introduction: How to Repair a Bugaboo Stroller / Pram With 3D Printing

Pram connoisseurs out there will know that the Bugaboo is one of the best stroller pram on the market for style, function, ergonomics and collapse ability, unfortunately they are also very expensive to buy and even more expensive to repair, until now....

With the increased accessibility of high quality 3D printing thanks to Shapeways, you can get your Bugaboo back on the road for $25, not bad considering I was quoted $250 for a repair.....

Following is a step by step guide to repairing the handle lock, without which the pram is near useless.

I 3D printed my replacement parts in stainless steel using Shapeways, you could try ABS and do it much cheaper but I really recommend stainless steel.

Step 1: Pry Off That Hub Cap

Ok the first step in creation is destruction.
You need to pry off the hub cap to get access to the broken part.
I would recommend using 2 flathead screwdrivers, but a swiss army knife and a bottle opener will do the job,
Take care not to transform the surrounding plastic into a gnarled mess, the wife will appreciate that.

Step 2: Open That Baby Up

Inside you will see a plastic hub and 2 steel pins.
In my case it was the steel pins that broke, in other cases it is the plastic hub.
If your plastic hub is broken you may need to measure and 3D model to 3D print that component.
If  if it is broken steel you got.  3D print your replacement parts from Shapeways in stainless steel .
They should cost you around $11 each

Step 3: 3D Printed Awesome From Shapeways

Once your bugaboo replacement part arrives from Shapeways you are ready to rock.

Step 4: Fit That Part

OK, the 3D printed part can only fit in one way, so do that.

Step 5: Re Assemble

Squeeze the hub back together

Step 6: Now REALLY Squeeze It Back Together

this makes it possible to refit the hub cap

Step 7: Jam That Baby On

Some people would use a mallet, or perhaps a hammer with a soft cloth, others their forehead but I choose to hammer the cap back on with my manly hands.

Step 8: Ta-Da

With under $25 worth of 3D printing you have saved $225 worth of repair bills to get your Bugaboo back on the road/footpath/sidewalk/mall.