Introduction: How to Repair a Broken Welding Screen Foot

This is an Instructable that shows how to do a quick repair to a broken welding screen foot. The foot is a basic "T" that just broke apart at the weld. This "T" gets inserted into the pipe of the screen frame and gets secured with a thumb screw, so to repair it I just quickly welded it back together.

Step 1: Sandblast the Broken Parts

Sandblast the area on the broken parts where you plan on putting the new weld.

Step 2: Set Up to Weld

Set your pieces up in the orientation that you plan to weld them in and either MIG or TIG weld them together.

Step 3: Reinstall Repaired Part

Once the welded parts have cooled, reinstall them into the welding screen frame and tighten the thumb screw.