Introduction: Repair Cigarette Burns on Carpet

Over the years I have forked out money to carpet cleaners to repair carpet burns. Until lately when I watched one guy do it and learned there super money making trick. Forget paying carpet cleaners or carpet repair men 45 bucks a burn. You can achieve the exact same result for free with simple tools that everyone has laying around there home!!!!

Step 1: Get Your Materials Out and Ready

Get your trusty pair of scissors out and cut the piece of ash or melted piece of carpet plastic out and plug in your glue gun

Step 2: Cut Up Some Carpet Strands

Go into a closet or a part of your room thats not a heavy traffic area eg. behind bed, closets and corners of the room and find a strand of carpet thats sticking out, grab it and pull it until its about a foot in length then cut it at the base. Then cut the strands every time the ripple goes up or down and make a generous pile.

Step 3: Make the First Layer

Apply a SMALL amount of hot glue to the carpet and add a about half of your pile to the glue and press it down with the handles of a larger pair of scissors. Give it a minute to dry and lightly pull the excess carpet strands off

Step 4: Final Layer

Add a EXTREMLY SMALL dabb of hot glue to the surface of the burn and rub it around then add the rest of your pile again pressing it down with scissors, give it a couple minutes to cool down. Now take your trusty scissors and cut some of the final layer off to make the surface even. YOUR DONE!!!! The second image is the final product its a little shaggy in the top right corner... but its a lot better than before!!!