Introduction: How to Repair Those Useless New Clippers

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If you're a smoker you'll deinitely have noticed a decline in the quality of clipper lighters which I believe has something to do with the newer hexagonal flint wheels, the hexagon is not the problem but the flint wheel has changed and quickly wears the flint in such a way that it's useless after a week or so.

There's the problem here's the fix. As you can imagine this has been annoying me alot as the nozzle in wonder jet lighter is kaput - If I ever manage to lathe my own all will be well.

**Edit: New steps added**

Step 1: Removing the Offending Piece.

Right the only tools you should really need are a flathead screwdriver (large) and if you have clumsy or weak fingers pliers may be handy aswell.

Grab the flint wheel and pull up, remember this is for clippers, they have a seperate flint assembly, It simply pulls out.

Step 2: Getting Down to It.

You'll notice on the bottom of the flint tube theres a slot, much like a flathead screw.

That's it you need to loosen this a little before you'll get it with your hands, just use a large flathead screwdriver. Take it off by hand after loosening though and hold on carefully in case the flint escapes, after getting the spring and endcap of tip the flint out for inspection.

You'll see one side that's very shiny and most likely worn with a slight groove or some such, possibly a slant, either way this is a bad thing. If this is the first time doing this repair then just turn it around and put it in the tube with the unworn end facing the striker wheel, if you still have a good amount of flint left then you can always file it down flat.

Getting the spring and endcap back on can be tricky, start screwing it in and don't let go of it until it's all the way in, it can go backwards so push down a bit while screwing it in to position, also it'll kind of bump along, don't worry that's just the spring ends popping up and down a bit from being screwed...

Step 3: A More Permanent Fix.

So after doiing the original fix I still felt that the spark wasn't right, mainly because the wheel span too freely, you have two options to consider, either increase the force pushing the flint stone into the wheel or change the wheel, I decided the best bet would be to add a spacer between the spring and the flint.

I used a piece of a small screw as a spacer, you could just put a second flint into it as a spacer, this is probably the best option but my bit of screw does the job nicely and will always be there...

Step 4: At Last Success

You should have a nice powerful spark and no loose limp wristed spinning from the striker wheel, enjoy your new friend, understanding something is the first step to knowing something.